Learning, Researching, and Playing Basketball

I finished up the worksheets that Coach Frye gave me to research about. They helped me to learn a lot more about psychology and a few mental disabilities, which is pretty helpful for this field.
I did that work in the unscheduled time around the classes that I was taking with the new hires. Some of the classes got a little boring, but Brian and Rico (the two doing the classes) both made it more fun and joked with me. It was interesting to learn a little bit more about workplace dynamics. Some of the stuff reminded me of what I noticed and learned about at ADB. It is cool, though, because I’m pretty sure I’m not irritating anyone. Yesterday, Coach did huff, walk over to me, and dramatically introduce himself as “Brian,” so I’m not allowed to call him Coach anymore, but other than that, everything’s gone smoothly.
Some of their guys pop in and out of the office, like I think I mentioned in my last post. I’ve gotten to interact with a few of them a bit more, but because of the classes that I’ve been taking, I mostly only saw Brian, Rico, and the new hires for the past few days. I think the biggest thing that I took from all of the classes was just that we should treat EVERYONE with dignity and respect, and should give people as much freedom as possible.
Last night, there was an occasion at the YMCA, and I went along. I didn’t have any specific job, unlike most other people, so I just shot baskets for the most part. The guys would come in and out. One of them, who when I met him said that he was full of sunshine, referring to his shirt, shot around with me the longest. You could tell he’d played when he was younger because of the way he handled the ball, and he was super great, getting rebounds for me. A few other guys came in and he was really encouraging with them, which was super cool to see.
Today was pretty slow and I wrapped up my work on the worksheets and talked some with Coach. We planned next week out, and I’m a little bit worried that I won’t be able to finish all of the work that we planned. It’ll be super interesting though, and I’m excited. You know, maybe one day I’ll learn that I shouldn’t be quite so worried and stressed before I go try out something new. I was so nervous to go into Initial Independence, and while I’m not as comfortable here as I am, say, at school, I’m not anxious anymore.

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