Marshall’s Senior Project – Week 6 Update

I’ve come to realize I think board meetings are kind of silly. I mean people just speak in a way they never would just because. Why would you ever say “And so it is moved to forgo a roll call as quorum has not yet been reached” why not just say “lets not take roll because we know we don’t have enough people to vote yet.”
As far as my work goes at the partnership, I’ve been communicating with community partners who have also been working on resource maps for a specific industry. I’ve also met quite a few people from or have business in New York which is exciting networking wise. Nothing really new to report I’m just finishing the projects I started before my time here is over.

One thought on “Marshall’s Senior Project – Week 6 Update”

  1. This is great. Dr. Hurwitz and I were just actually talking about the beauty of language. Sometimes, I would really rather that people cut out the fancy speech and metaphors and just get to the point. Sometimes, though, I do prefer the flowery, messier language. Imagine if there was a form of communication that could do both. I guess that’s part of the beauty of language, the imperfections and word-plays. However, it can be super irritating sometimes.

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