Work hard

I had to do a lot of works the day before the class that I would give a lesson. Going over dictionary, Writing down all the notes, figuring out most of the rhetoric techniques, have become the arduous things for me to do. It is not obligatory, but I feel like I have responsibility to do such things as a teacher.


These days I am just doing experiments, and today I saw a very interesting machine in the lab. The picture is showing the machine, and it is called Gas Chromatograph. If the experiments you did that makes you think you added the wrong material, you can use it to test if you really did wrong or not. You can put the sample that you think is wrong in it, and also put the right sample in it. If they match together, that means they are the same, the computer will show you.



Last week I met a professional hair stylist with Mrs.Baxley, She was my model. The stylist showed me how to do the fancy hair. She told me things about how she works with the clients and some of her experiments.


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This is a makeup guide paper, they gave me these to practice at home so I can see what color match together. O(∩_∩)O


Alanna’s Senior Project (4/28/16)

Today  I worked with the quick books program. My job was to insert all the business related expenses from a recording studio located in LA and Nashville. I would enter them by utilities, automotive expenses, lodging, food, etc. Then I worked with Sarah and watched as she balanced check books, inserted numbers for pay roll, and made sure a company was collecting all the money that it was entitled to. Today I had a bit more fun then I had in the past 2 days. Entering the business related expenses was boring, but using excel to balance the check books and add up invoice and sales tax amounts was interesting. We found a company who forgot to collect over $1000.00 in sales tax! I think I like using excel better because it makes things so much easier, it does all the math for you, and it organizes things in a much more easy way for you to utilize.

NOTE: I will not be posting tomorrow since today is my last day at SFW Partners, LLC. My supervisor John Schnurbusch is leaving for vacation, but I will be reading some information about the company, the individual partners, and watching some videos on how to use QuickBooks since I find the program interesting.

Shaw’s Nature Reserve Week 1

Tuesday I started work at Shaw’s Nature Reserve. It’s awesome and I love it so much. Mr. Woodberry has a whole schedule for me for the next week, which is great because Its non-stop picture taking. On Tuesday Morning when I got there I was introduced to the staff. After that I went on a Wild Flower hike with one of the staff members and a group of people. It was cool because I took a lot of pictures. In the afternoon on Tuesday I spent about an hour by my self just taking pictures of the Wild Flower garden and it was so beautiful. I embraced everything that I was surrounded by and it was really great!

This is a picture I took while I was sitting on a rock in the Wild Flower Garden.


Alanna’s Senior Project (4/27/16)

Today I worked with payroll instead of filing taxes. I used a program called Sage 50. I looked at a clients ledger and entered all his debit and credit transactions and at the end I had to make sure the out of balance equaled 0. This was another program I caught on to really fast, it was just kind of boring. I figured out again that even though I’m good at it and its fairly easy, it’s not something I would want to be doing every day.

Forgot to post anything on last Friday. Today I tried to remember most of the price of those parts. A thousand parts for different kind of sewing machine. And also I keep assembling machines, I feel like I will be an expert of engineering.