Marshall’s Senior Project – One Week Away

As I am just one week away from the start of my project, I thought I would give a detailed description of what my first week will look like at SLEDP(St.Louis Economic Development Partnership). My first week will be mostly introductory, after all, it is my first week. I’ll be starting the week touring their office and meeting the people who work on my sponsor’s team. I will also be touring some of the other locations where SLEDP does business these include: Venture works, CIC, Cortex, and T-Rex. These are co-working and innovation centers that house a lot of the St. Louis start-up community. I will also be sitting in on meetings as allowed. Many of these meetings will be about developing marketing strategies to promote Venture Works a co-working facility for local entrepreneurs recently launched by SLEDP. I will be checking in throughout the week with pictures from my tours and updates from meetings i.e things I’ve learned from them and people I’ve met. I’ve provided links to the places mentioned including SLEDP, the websites highlight projects taking place in the St.Louis area some of which I will be a part of. Have an awesome rest of your spring break.


Cortex St.Louis

St Louis Economic Development Partnership

Venture works

Cambridge Innovation Center @ St. Louis



Marshall’s Senior Project Summary

I will be spending the entirety of my senior project at the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership in Clayton. The SLEDP is responsible for over a billion dollars worth of economic development in the St. Louis Metropolitan area including projects like IKEA St. Louis and the National Geo-spacial Agency. I will be working closely with Ginger Imster the Vice President of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I will be working in the Economic Development offices and their startup division that seeks new, or growing startups around the world and works to bring them to St. Louis. My project will involve a lot of meeting with community partners and researching development opportunities.


March 7th, 2017. Summary

During my project, I will be spending the entirety of the 6 weeks at Shaw Nature Reserve as a student volunteer and assistant. I will be working mainly with school groups and learning how to teach several classes, including wetlands, prairie and some night classes, including astronomy and nighthikes. I will also be working with people who work on trail maintenance. Along with the trails, I will also be working on upkeep of the buildings and facilities. With this time I will hopefully learn about ecology and more about teaching large groups of people, as I intend to hopefully work with people as a future career.

Melissa’s plan for senior project

My senior project is separate to 3 parts with art, soap make and something else.

I’m planning to use 2 weeks at school doing art works with Mrs. Hassan’s help which include making wool frogs, paper flowers, design cap and folded animals for pictures.

And the second 2 weeks to make soap with Elizabeth at Mrs. Hardcastle’s house also probrobly learning about marketing.

The last 3 weeks is planning to voluntter for set at weddings. If I do not make that I will probrobly work in the soybean association. We will see.

I’m looking forward to my senior project.

Summary of my Project

I will be working with Mr. Elder and Jake Del mostly to learn and understand music recording, mixing, and production. I will be working with musicians to compose music in which we will record with Mr. Elder, and by myself from what I have learned to create a “demo” or album. Jake Del will be showing me the hip-hop side of music, along with recording live instruments such as guitar and vocals due to his experience in the music industry, and his knowledge in mixing music. Hopefully, at the end of my project I will have a tight grasp on music production and recording music to be able to create my own masterpieces.

Summary Senior Project

I will be working with five different people and organizations. The first two weeks I’m spending with Mr. Sharma at ADB. The next two weeks, Melissa and I’ll be working with Mrs. Hardcastle making soaps and learning about running a business. The fifth week, I’ll work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with my church’s preschool and Tuesday and Thursday shadowing various people at Monsanto. The last two weeks, I will spend working with Coach Frye (basketball) at his company, Initial Independence.   

My Senior Project

My project is split into a series of chunks that cover most fields in which a degree in international relations is applicable.

For the first two weeks, I’ll be shadowing at Edward Jones in a few different departments. I’ll spend some time in marketing, human resources, and development. I have three different people that I’ll be working with and learning from there. The purpose of this week is more to shadow quietly and observe, not to help out in any tangible way. This section covers the business possibility of the degree.

The third and fourth weeks, I will be in Washington, D.C., working in the office of Representative Mark Meadows from North Carolina. I’ll specifically be working with the scheduler for his office and her contacts. Most of the days will be working with her on The Hill, but for two of them I will shadow with a contact at the Heritage Foundation in the International Policy department. This covers the political possibility of the degree.

The fifth week, I will go to New York and work with Dani Trigo at her textile design shop. It’s a small business that helps New York artists find contacts to sell to. This will cover the small business route of the degree.

The sixth week, I’ll be working at the MasterCard Tech Hub in Manhattan. This will be more like Edward Jones, in that I’m simply participating in a shadowing program and will not be helping them out very much. I’m working with two women in management, named Valentina and Missy, and they’ll show me essentially how the business works, day to day.

My last week, I’ll be working with Mrs. Schenk at a law firm in St. Louis. I’ll be essentially shadowing her for a week and learning about how a law office functions. This will cover the last major use of an international relations degree, which is law.

Home Renovations

For my senior project, I will be with an all-around home renovator by the name of Ken Giddeon. We will be working on house projects around West St. Louis county. Work inside the house who will include: plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and landscaping. I hope to share plenty of picture as the work progresses.