Can’t believe we only have a week left, these two months are really fast. I started working on my presentation this week, and I almost finish it. Hopefully I can finish by this week, so next week I will have enough time to practice and give my best during the presentation. I am making a powerpoint, and I will also show some samples that I made during the presentation.

Friday May 13, 2016

Its been a busy week. I’ve gotten a lot done. I start my mornings at my Dad’s office and then head to school in the after noons. In the mornings I’ve been helping my dad paint the upstairs of his office because he’s redecorating it and he doesn’t have time to paint it, so I have been doing that. In the afternoons at school I have been working on QR codes for the trail near the creek which is really cool because I’ve never done anything like that. I take a picture of a plant or a tree and then I upload it to Dr. Urbano’s website and then make a QR code using another website. I also have been organizing pictures on the schools drive from years ago. I go through each picture and I rename them with who ever is in it. I have another week of doing this and then I’m done with my senior project!

Disappeared for a while


Cant upload any pictures from my phone to my laptop but now it is fine. More delivering recently and more assembling, now I am getting familiar to assemble a sewing machines, it really takes me a month. I went to a place that used to be the Naval Base, but now it becomes a huge area of factory. There are different kinds of factory, like clothing, food, chemistry etc… By the way, it is huge and next to the sea.


IMG_9213 IMG_9242


Today as I was mixing “What Goes Around” I decided I needed some claps, but the problem was the reverb plugin on ProTools didn’t quite sound real enough for me. So I decided to mic up a large room that has wooden floors and a brick wall that we have upstairs. I used the NT1-A condenser microphone right in front of me and then I put two dynamic mics in the rooms “sweet spots”. The wooden floors and tall ceiling gave me a huge reverb sound that sounded really good and authentic.

Using a big room as natural reverb for claps
Using a big room as natural reverb for claps


These days I did an experiment, and it is about making a surface for kids’ playground. The cool thing is that it is not just a normal surface, we also put fluorescent powder in it, so in the dark night, the playground will still be bright, and it will look really cool



Today was my last full day at Shaw Nature Reserve. Today was pretty cool because I shadowed a volunteer photographer and she gave me tips and tricks to try when I’m out taking pictures alone next time. She was really nice and really helpful. Tomorrow is the Plant Sale which is where they sell a bunch of plants to the public and they want me to come and take pictures of it for a few hours tomorrow! It will be really cool to see the outcome of all the people!

Here are some pictures I got from the last two weeks.



Yesterday and today have been mainly pre mixing. Basically I just need to get all of the music that we’ve recorded somewhat organized and get rid of tracks that we don’t need so that we are ready for backup vocals, vocals, and perhaps some horns if we have enough time. I am slightly worried about the final mixing because as I’ve seen at TBeats, mixing takes a very long time because you really only want to make slight changes to each track until it fits perfectly in the mix.