Gat back to work

I went to San Francisco last week and I went to the University of San Francisco. I went to their admission office and asked about I20 transfer process and what should I do before I go to that school. And I got a card of their international students and scholar service(ISSS). I met some of students who are now studying there and they showed me all around the school.

Today I just get back work and translated some papers and letters. Letters are hard because there are a lot of words I don’t know. I’ll be back on Wednesday and get ready for my presentation in Thursday. I’ll see you guys soon.


Monday Workday

Today is a nice Monday and I’ll be back next week on Thursday. I have 2 weeks left for my senior project. When I have my free time that I don’t have works to do, I’ll start to organize the pictures and write down my experience to get ready for my presentation. I prefer to make a power point for my presentation.

Today we cleaned the work place in the garage in the morning. I helped to clean the floor and organized different materials according to the brands  of the cars. For the sales contracts I separate them with years and months. We ordered some Chinese food to eat. After lunch break I’m going to get some printing paper, notebooks, tapes, markers and pens in office max. I want buy a Starbuck on my way back.

Tomorrow I’m going to San Fransico to visit my university. It would be a 2-3 days trip and I’ll get in touch with the teacher who are working on international students there. I’ll ask her what should I do with my I20 and all those other thing I need to know before I go to that school.

Almost end of this week

Today is Thursday with really nice weather here. And it is almost the end of this week. I keep did some translate works from the left by yesterday. I didn’t finish all of them yesterday. Also I helped did some calculations of incomes and costs. The guy I’m working with named Billy and he is almost 40 years old. I learned a lot from him for example the way to talk and communication skills. If you want get something form a person you need to talk to him. The way you talk to him and the words you speak will decide whether you can achieve your goal or not. Sometimes your words need to be gentle and someone need to be strong. Also he told me that I should tell jokes on the proper way in a appropriate time. Some place is not for joking and I need to be serious at that specific time.

Translate new materials

Today I got some materials to translate. It’s from Land Rover Ventura. The materials is about G2 New discovery. During read the tables I learned the specific name of the auto spare parts for different positions of cars. They do different work of cars. Some knowledges are really important for me and you to know in our real life. I don’t have my own car now but I’ll get it when I move to college. I learned that if you waited in the car while idling the engine. It would hurt the engine and shorten the service life of the engine. Seat in the are with the music and AC turned on but didn’t start the car is possibly make the car run out of battery.

It’s good to work at home

Today I didn’t go to the dealer store instead of that I worked at Billy’s house in the garage. My work today is basically the translation of the 2017 Land Rover:New discovery informations from English to Chinese. That’s more convenient for us to organize the similarities and differences between different type of SUV. Also translated those key words to Chinese is helpful for our Chinese customers. I don’t know all of those words but I used the electronic translator to finish my job. It is not only a good chance for me to learn about cars, how and why are they different. But also it helps me to learn some new words to improve my English. It is truly hot to work in the garage without the AC but I had a really nice day. Dc.Hurwitz and Mrs.Douglass called me today and we have a FaceTime call. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and the understanding you gave me. And I really hope all of you have a nice experience in your senior project. Wish you all have a good day and I’m going to enjoy the AC in my room.

First day of this week

I just start work today. I didn’t go to work this morning because I went to the police office to get back my wallet. I lost it accidentally last Saturday and someone find it gave to the police. This is our Dealer license plate. Only the dealer company can have this plate. On the right side of this plate DLR means dealer. On the back of this plate is the dealer license.

Auto show today

Now is 2:30 and I’m just taking my lunch break. Here are too many people and we are so busy today. We trying to contact several costumers and ask them if they are interesting in 2017 Maserati Levante. There are different types of this car. Luxury, luxury Zegna and sport. This SUV’s size is very big and has very wide inside space. Driving experience should be wonderful that makes drivers and passengers feel comfortable. I actually sit in the sport type Levante and I can say that’s the best SUV I’ve ever tried ever. People can feel the power of this car and feel how strong it is. By the way even this is a big cat but it looks beautiful and streamlined.

Almost end of this week

Today I did some research of the new SUV of Maserati which just comes out. Tomorrow we will go to the auto show of Maserati in downtown Los Angeles. It’s not only a auto show but it will be a good opportunity to exchange ideas with our counterparts. I didn’t find any Chinese materials of Maserati: Levante. We are trying to translate it to our Chinese customers. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s auto show and I’ll take some pictures of it.


Today’s weather is getting better. It’s not that hot as before. I’m done with work today and going to get some milk tea to drink. We’ve got 4 people asked for that 2014 used Merceds Benz. Three of them called us and one of them come to see the car. But none of them don’t like the price of it. I don’t have very much work to do today and it’s a pretty relax day for me. We ate sushi for lunch. Bully paid for me.

Missing winter time

Los Angeles is too hot for me, the weather here these two weeks just remain me to the time I used to spend in Miami. People can not live without AC.

Here is a programmer who works for Google company came and want to sale his car.  This Mercedes Benz E350 he bought in 2014 and now he want to sale it with the price of 50,000. The mileage of this E350 is under 20,000 miles. Actually I really like this car and I hope I can get one used car like that when I study in college. As you can see he kept it very clean and it smells good inside of this car.