5/3 Wednesday

Today Nico shared a new project with me–Find Headquarters. It’s a list of hedge fund companies missing defined headquarters. My job is to research where their headquarters are and set it with the companies. It was interesting to search all kinds of hedge funds  and see how there are different from each other. They all specialized in different areas. But it got a little tricky when it came to super large company like Wells Fargo, or whatever group. They are too big that it’s hard to tell the headquarters or they don’t tell you on the website. There are 1600+ companies on the list. It’s overwhelming. I got 100 done today but my eyes were so irritated from staring at the screen continuously.

5/10 Tuesday & 5/11 Wednesday

I wish I can write more about my food discovery cuz it’s way more exciting to me and I think I have more to say… I know I haven’t been updating the blog everyday. Instead I’m writing every two day. Because I feel like two days would give me more content so I look busy. Anyway, yesterday I had two resumes in total to format. The first one Nico told me is urgent so I couldn’t spend too much time on it. I quickly edited and sent it over. First she didn’t tell me anything, like if I did a good job or if there was anything I missed. I asked her on my way out of the office and she told me I did it perfectly and that was why she didn’t come to me. So was the second resume. I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Today Stewart asked me to find a guy he heard on the phone or over a conversation. He didn’t know how the name was spell exactly but the sound of it. He told me the first name could be Ryan, Bryan, Bran or something else, and the last name could be Agnew, agneuw.. He asked me in a way as it was super hard to find this person because he said it’a ok if I couldn’t find him. He said he had tried a lot of combinations and still failed. I can say that this was probably the most fun project I had so far. Surprisingly it only took me about 5 minutes trying different combinations of name to find this person. I knew I had him right but I waited for another 10 minutes to report so I could make it seem less effortless.. Stewart was really surprised and glad I found his guy..


5/8 Monday & 5/9 Tuesday

Yesterday morning I had really bad stomach which I didn’t plan to leave home until noon. I texted Nico about why I would be late to work today and she just told me to stay home and not come. I felt kinda bad but if she didn’t think I should come then what’s the point of me insisting? So I stayed home. It was nice.. I had a 3 day weekend.

Today I was better. I had a small project from John Meeks. He’s in charge of wealth management and family offices. He had a list of something like 50 leading women in hedge funds and my job is to search them on google or linkedin and run them one by one through our database. Either they are on S2 or they don’t exist and needed to be added. Sometimes their information like titles or companies might change so you have to make marks of that for the technicians to update. Beside that I got 160 companies off the find headquarters list. I tried to make up for yesterday but it honestly was so burning.. 60 was good enough.

5/4 Thursday & 5/5 Friday

Forgot to post yesterday. Yesterday was a nice day. I was told to go to the staples to get some compressed air. I had no idea what that was but Nico told me to get a box of it. I walked two blocks which was nice since the weather was perfect. And besides that I just worked on the “find headquarters” project until I got bored. Today after work they pulled out some leftover chocolate cake. It was other intern’s birthday yesterday and since I left early yesterday, I didn’t get to celebrate. So four of us, Stewart, Cassandra, Nico and I sat down at the conference room and fought for 1/4 of the cake. Nico was so funny. She said there are two things on her diet, one is brussel sprouts, another is chocolate cake..

5/2 Tuesday

Nico sent me two more resumes to format. Each one took me about 20-30 minutes as I wanted them to be perfect. After they’re done I sent them back to Nico and she’ll go over them before senting to bosses. I kinda enjoy doing this because I like organizing anyway. Also I got to read other people’s educational and professional experience. Sometimes they’re quiet impressive and interesting. They gives me an idea of what people’s path look like in relation to my own. I started to think about what my resume would look like in 5 years or 10.

5/1 Monday

My roommate and I went to Central Park over the weekend but I’m not going to talk about that.
I talked to Nico today about my intern hours. Because working everyday from 9 to 6 is very tiring to be honest despite most/all of the time was spent sitting. Also because I just realized for the project I only need to work 6 hours per day. I always stayed till 6 because I found it awkward to leave early, but Nico and everyone including bosses told me to go home whenever. Might as well do so. So from now on I’m going to go from 11 to around 530.
Besides that Nico gave me a resume to format. It’s one of their candidates’ resumes and they come in all kind of formats. They don’t look quiet as organized and if we’re providing them to the clients, they’d look messy and unprofessional. They have a global sage candidate resume template and my job is turn the resumes into our formate.

4/28 Friday

Today was pretty fun because Anika and I went on a field trip. Nico told us after lunch to deliver a folder to the ABC Imaging. I love to be out of office. We took the subway following Google map  and walk about 2 or 3 blocks. Actually all we did was just delivering because Nico had called them already about what she wanted them to do. So we got there, handrd them the package and took some picture of the office since it was pretty cool.

4/27 Thursday

Due to the fact I’m a high school intern and the company hadn’t had any experience with that, there wasn’t a lot of things I can be involved. Besides me, there are currently two other interns, Anika and Caroline. Both of them are seniors(I believe) at Fordham university. Anika come every Tuesday and Friday, Caroline comes every Wednesday and Friday. I asked them about their intern content trying to see the difference but it was pretty mundane and straightforward basic research. When there wasn’t anything to work on, they use the time to check emails or do school related work, which was what I did most of the time when I’m free as well. I basically go to my college account, check if there’s any update on all kinds of due dates. Register orientation, submit this, submit that, pay dorm application fee… Because everyone in the office is so busy all the time that people don’t even take their lunch break, they get take outs and eat when working. I found it impossible to go up and ask random things about the business. Instead, I do research about the buisness so I have at least something. For example I’d ask “what is hedge fund?” And I’ll read on. And then jump to the next question. Although I’m not related directly to the business, but I’m doing my best to get to know about it.

4/26 Wednesday

Received the building badge today. There are securities at every entrance to the elevators and you have to have either a building badge or be registered to enter. On Monday Nico told me to go to the 7th floor where the building office is at lunch time, around 1130. Although the office opens at 1200, it’s better to get in line before everyone gets there in front of you, says Nico. I was like the 5th one in the line to get my photo taken and there were at least 10 people added to the line behind me.

4/20 Thursday

Yesterday close to quitting time, Nico and I were talking about food. Then we started this skype conversation–Momosan Three…

Momosan Three – Planning Stage
Momosan – Action

We took off at 1130 sharp and got there before the lunch traffic hit. It was momosan three and then we had Cassandra joined. All the girls got there and we asked for a table of four. Stewart was a little behind us but we needed to get the table. It’s precious.

We said we had four of us. Obviously the waitress noticed one’s missing, she asked if everyone’s here. Nico lifted her hand and started pointing randomly, and told the waitress with all seriousness that the last one of us was just parking his car around the corner. (Right. We all walked 3 mins here. ) Right away we were seated.

If you tell the restaurant that someone’s on their way, they’ll say no, everyone has to be here. But if you say he/she is just parking the car, they let you in. And that’s when you call that parking person to get in the shower now.

Momosan Ramen & Sake

Lunch Set ($16) Tonkatsu ramen & Zuke don

I added a pork belly bao. Highly recommend.

Chasu Bao ($3)