Library putting stuffs away

Finally I got the chance to put books, tapes stuffs to the shelfs.

They are really organizing people. Books,videos are putted to

1. non fiction (which is organized with numbers)

2. fictions (alphabeted)

3. popular (with stars on the mark)

4. child (with a J on it)

5. foreigner (on the back of it will tell you it has other languages)

6. TV series (usually with episodes something on it)

For books on hold are separated with

  1. first 3 letters of your LAST NAME
  2. first 3 # of your ADDRESS
  3. first 3 letters of your FIRST NAME

That’s the cart they have for librarians to put stuffs away. I finished 3 carts of it which used me 8 hours!! They probably can do it faster.

I felt wonderful when I finished a cart of on hold books!!!!!!!!!!!!


wildflowers research

Researching wildflowers is all about finding unknowns and surprise.

This place is one of the place I went to check on. It got flooded later. The other place is the creek next to the school. I didn’t get a chance to get a picture yet.

  This are some wildflowers I found.

I got samples. I tried to get 3 samples from each kind of plants.

            Then I identified them.

There are the surprises I found. A bug and a future butterfly.

After all I pressed them. Hope they will turn out to be good.

My next steps after it is dried is to make it to a wildflowers identity book. It should be really good.

(This is 3 days of work, not one.)


1st day library volunteer

I always thought working in the library should be a really relax job. But it is the opposite of that. But I enjoyed to be the helper behind it. I learned to be more appreciate with librarians.

I mainly helped to set their present for the summer reading club. It is sweet of the library to give each person who come everyday a gift in the middle and the end. Also different age get different things.

Their are lots of things you didn’t see behind the gift sets. people have to put them one by one all by hand. Each of the thing they handed out have their love in it.

I used around 200 paper clips which mean I picked around 200 gifts.

I helped to cross a schedule from each of the schedule handouts. Also taped another schedule on it.



Melissa’s 1st wonderful week with Mrs.Hardcastle

This week have been marvelous.

I learned how to create my own brand, how to protect it and how to make face mask and soap.

I made the mud mask with Elizabeth. That day’s homework for us is to use the mask and take pictures.(I can’t smile for the picture with the mask on)

This is the logo I designed for my future brand. That bird is suppose to be a phoenix, indicate Chinese Queen(If it is gold, I believe so.). And later through the week I learned that the name shouldn’t be too common. Therefore now, my brand name is BLOSSOMS LOVE. Cause everything I made is full of blooming love to it.

I found out that making soap is just like baking food. (By the way soap & food sort of rhyme. Also making and baking! I’m so smart!!!) Except a little bite more dangerous than it. Since we need to use the Lye, Mrs.Hardcastle purchased it from The Lye Guy. Mixing the lye with water is cool! Can you believe that water could be heat up to 100 degrees with in 30 sec?  Chemicals are ridiculously amazing. <- some of them.

The start of soap making & study — Melissa’s

Soap making with Mrs. Hardcastle officially started today.

Few things I learned To-day

  1. For selling your products: Always count the time for the time you spend. Do not only count your spending on materials. 
  2. Brand VS commodity small business must need to have a brand to emotional control consumers. (something like that but probably not control &^&)
  3. making soap = dangerous touch with chemicals
  4. Keep track with everything like time you used to each grams of ingredients you used
  5. college life perhaps could might be study+social+a small business selling


one of the work sheets I filled while I’m with her.

This is a cool thing I saw in her lab/crafting room. which way do you think you go to cut the soap?

I thought you simply push down your soap to use your gravity to cut it and somehow the bottom would open,but…


No ending art — Melissa


Ocean ornament design

I did a compare and contrast with the Chinese Geel-a-peel with the American one. They are same on using on jewelry making but one is more jelly like and the other is more solid. Also this 2 don’t stick together.

A design for it compare with the old design for the lost of 2 plants. added water fountain, green walls and the house.

Melissa’s 2nd week first day

Working with really new thing is always fun and hard. For the wools frog, it is like that. At least I made them out, except it didn’t look like the picture they have on the cover.

 this picture is mine.

This is the felting needle, I have to run through Michaels and Hobby Lobby to try to find it. It is really easy to break. I use this to poke the wools to the shape I want it to be.

Summary: Good to try but no more wools!!!