Shadowing and Filing

Over the past two days, I have shadowed the women in the front office. I have learned about their paying, billing, and other financial processes and I’ve filed a lot. Because of all the filing I was doing today, I didn’t sit as much, which I really enjoyed. I still didn’t walk that much (3.8 K steps as of now, at 4:57 pm), but I was standing and moving, more than just sitting and studying or learning, as great as those are.
I was going to go visit a house today, but that got moved back to tomorrow. It is cool, though, now that I’m out of the class and shadowing the people in the front office, I’m interacting with everyone more and that’s made it more fun.
Yesterday, I went to another Community Involvement event. There were just a few of us, a total of 5, and we went mini-golfing. It was super fun to just hang out with the guys and it definitely made my mood go from “eh” to “THIS IS AWESOME!!”
Anyways, hopefully, I’ll finish all my assignments. I’ve only got two more days left! It seems crazy. Guys, we’re gonna graduate really soon.

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