Library putting stuffs away

Finally I got the chance to put books, tapes stuffs to the shelfs.

They are really organizing people. Books,videos are putted to

1. non fiction (which is organized with numbers)

2. fictions (alphabeted)

3. popular (with stars on the mark)

4. child (with a J on it)

5. foreigner (on the back of it will tell you it has other languages)

6. TV series (usually with episodes something on it)

For books on hold are separated with

  1. first 3 letters of your LAST NAME
  2. first 3 # of your ADDRESS
  3. first 3 letters of your FIRST NAME

That’s the cart they have for librarians to put stuffs away. I finished 3 carts of it which used me 8 hours!! They probably can do it faster.

I felt wonderful when I finished a cart of on hold books!!!!!!!!!!!!


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