5/10 Tuesday & 5/11 Wednesday

I wish I can write more about my food discovery cuz it’s way more exciting to me and I think I have more to say… I know I haven’t been updating the blog everyday. Instead I’m writing every two day. Because I feel like two days would give me more content so I look busy. Anyway, yesterday I had two resumes in total to format. The first one Nico told me is urgent so I couldn’t spend too much time on it. I quickly edited and sent it over. First she didn’t tell me anything, like if I did a good job or if there was anything I missed. I asked her on my way out of the office and she told me I did it perfectly and that was why she didn’t come to me. So was the second resume. I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Today Stewart asked me to find a guy he heard on the phone or over a conversation. He didn’t know how the name was spell exactly but the sound of it. He told me the first name could be Ryan, Bryan, Bran or something else, and the last name could be Agnew, agneuw.. He asked me in a way as it was super hard to find this person because he said it’a ok if I couldn’t find him. He said he had tried a lot of combinations and still failed. I can say that this was probably the most fun project I had so far. Surprisingly it only took me about 5 minutes trying different combinations of name to find this person. I knew I had him right but I waited for another 10 minutes to report so I could make it seem less effortless.. Stewart was really surprised and glad I found his guy..


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