Memphis– a pleasant interruption

This week, I went to Memphis with Mrs. Baxley and the group. I’ve never been to western Tennessee before and it was pretty different from Knoxville and Oak Ridge (where we normally go). I really enjoyed seeing the Southern culture and Memphis’s musical history. Mrs. Scott (Mrs. Baxley’ s mom) was super wonderful the entire time and provided us with a lot as well as being fun to hang out with.

Another part of Memphis that just super blew me away was the history of civil struggle and the momentous events that happened. We visited the Civil Rights museum and it was, though overwhelming, incredibly thought-and-emotion-provoking. Since a large part of the museum is commemorating MLK and his life, I was particularly blown away by his moral strength and his philosophies. I think if I could choose to meet anyone from history, I would probably choose him.

This trip showed me another part of the US, and connected me to current and historical struggles in our society in a way that I haven’t experienced before. I also ate a lot of great food and coffee, like the one pictured here.

4/28 Friday

Today was pretty fun because Anika and I went on a field trip. Nico told us after lunch to deliver a folder to the ABC Imaging. I love to be out of office. We took the subway following Google map  and walk about 2 or 3 blocks. Actually all we did was just delivering because Nico had called them already about what she wanted them to do. So we got there, handrd them the package and took some picture of the office since it was pretty cool.

Auto show today

Now is 2:30 and I’m just taking my lunch break. Here are too many people and we are so busy today. We trying to contact several costumers and ask them if they are interesting in 2017 Maserati Levante. There are different types of this car. Luxury, luxury Zegna and sport. This SUV’s size is very big and has very wide inside space. Driving experience should be wonderful that makes drivers and passengers feel comfortable. I actually sit in the sport type Levante and I can say that’s the best SUV I’ve ever tried ever. People can feel the power of this car and feel how strong it is. By the way even this is a big cat but it looks beautiful and streamlined.

Almost end of this week

Today I did some research of the new SUV of Maserati which just comes out. Tomorrow we will go to the auto show of Maserati in downtown Los Angeles. It’s not only a auto show but it will be a good opportunity to exchange ideas with our counterparts. I didn’t find any Chinese materials of Maserati: Levante. We are trying to translate it to our Chinese customers. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s auto show and I’ll take some pictures of it.

4/27 Thursday

Due to the fact I’m a high school intern and the company hadn’t had any experience with that, there wasn’t a lot of things I can be involved. Besides me, there are currently two other interns, Anika and Caroline. Both of them are seniors(I believe) at Fordham university. Anika come every Tuesday and Friday, Caroline comes every Wednesday and Friday. I asked them about their intern content trying to see the difference but it was pretty mundane and straightforward basic research. When there wasn’t anything to work on, they use the time to check emails or do school related work, which was what I did most of the time when I’m free as well. I basically go to my college account, check if there’s any update on all kinds of due dates. Register orientation, submit this, submit that, pay dorm application fee… Because everyone in the office is so busy all the time that people don’t even take their lunch break, they get take outs and eat when working. I found it impossible to go up and ask random things about the business. Instead, I do research about the buisness so I have at least something. For example I’d ask “what is hedge fund?” And I’ll read on. And then jump to the next question. Although I’m not related directly to the business, but I’m doing my best to get to know about it.

Foreign Account Taxes Compliance Act

I forgot to do my blog post yesterday, so here it is:

The most exciting part of my day was definitely the FATCA hearing. FATCA is an act that Obama signed into existence that authorizes unconstitutional privacy breaches of American citizens living abroad–over 9 million of them. It forces any bank with American clients to comply with stringent IRS investigations. It costs each individual bank over $200 million to comply. As a result, banks won’t take American citizens as clients anymore. In Switzerland, 410 out of the 420 major banks will not even consider an American as a candidate to hold an account.

The hearing room for the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform

Because of this, Americans have been renouncing their citizenships in record numbers because they have no other way to achieve financial stability. One man who testified described himself as an “economic refugee”.

The hearing was really interesting–both sides of the story were presented but the argument for repealing FATCA clearly won. It was something that I care about, which was cool. It would’ve been a huge problem for me next year (trying to get an account in Scotland), but it looks like it could be repealed before I get there.



Today’s weather is getting better. It’s not that hot as before. I’m done with work today and going to get some milk tea to drink. We’ve got 4 people asked for that 2014 used Merceds Benz. Three of them called us and one of them come to see the car. But none of them don’t like the price of it. I don’t have very much work to do today and it’s a pretty relax day for me. We ate sushi for lunch. Bully paid for me.

My Project So Far

I have been delayed in posting about my project due to technical difficulties, well I forgot how to get to this website and logon. Other than that problem my project has been going very well. I have been visiting the school most days during the week, mondays, tuesdays, and fridays, and sometimes thursday afternoons working on recording demos using pro tools in Mr. Elders classroom. I’ve been working on learning how to read music and accomplish different pieces that we play in many of the music classes. I participate in all music classes such as vocals, high school band, middle school band, and all music electives. during the afternoon is where I find most time to mess around with pro tools and learn how to efficiently use it to my advantage. Recording drums is what I have found to be the hardest in gaining the best sound. To sound good I’d need to place a mic on every individual drum piece, but that can get complicated. Micing the entire drum set as one is easier but the sound isn’t as great. Still participating in the music classes gives me a great chance to progress in reading music and playing various styles on the bass. I will be participating in the spring concerts as another part of my project after learning all the songs needed to perform. Working at the school gives me a great opportunity to learn from Mr. Elder and work at my own pace when trying to learn how to record music, as it has been going very well. I plan to make more recent updates sorry for the Delay!

4/26 Wednesday

Received the building badge today. There are securities at every entrance to the elevators and you have to have either a building badge or be registered to enter. On Monday Nico told me to go to the 7th floor where the building office is at lunch time, around 1130. Although the office opens at 1200, it’s better to get in line before everyone gets there in front of you, says Nico. I was like the 5th one in the line to get my photo taken and there were at least 10 people added to the line behind me.